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Normanby, Thornton Riseborough & Marton 
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Pickering Board of Guardians - Minute Books 1837 - 1850
Date Forename Surname Status   Occupation Parish  Place Mention in Minutes of Board of Guardians Source
20/02/1837 Richard Horsfall The Revd -Clerk Normanby Appointed Registrar for the Normanby District Minute Book, 1837-1844
18/06/1837 John Featherstone schoolmaster Normanby Be approved a registrar for the Normanby District in the room of Mr Horsfall resigned. Minute Book, 1837-1844
24/07/1837 Betty Collier pauper inmate Normanby Pauper inmate of Thornton Workhouse - application to be allowed tea be refused Minute Book, 1837-1844
27/11/1837   Best boy Thornton Workhouse Being of the age of nine years be immediately removed to the Workhouse at Pickering Minute Book, 1837-1844
15/01/1838 John Featherstone     Registrar of births & deaths for Normanby District - cheque given Minute Book, 1837-1844
23/04/1838 Betty Collier a pauper Normanby Be allowed two shillings and sixpence for work in consideration of her waiting upon Susannah Boddy now very ill Minute Book, 1837-1844
04/06/1838 Thomas Buston     Tender for iron spouting for the new Workhouse - accepted Minute Book, 1837-1844
23/07/1838 W Dennis   Normanby ILL out of Union [Marginal note, crossed through] Minute Book, 1837-1844
24/09/1838 Thomas Wray Tailor   Tender for mens' & boys' suits & cord & fustian - accepted Minute Book, 1837-1844
18/03/1839 Thomas Close pauper   Normanby That in consequence of him having become in a state of idiocy? and to cause great alarm to his wife and it being her wish that he should be removed to the Pickering Workhouse that he be admitted accordingly. Minute Book, 1837-1844
30/09/1839 Matthew Monkman     Special meeting at his home, Black Swan Pickering, concerning the illegitimate children of Elizabeth Stephenson of Pickering Jane Humphrey of Thornton and Jane Atkinson of Normanby Minute Book, 1837-1844
07/10/1839 John Carpenter   Edstone Of Edstone residing at Marton - to be allowed 7s/6d per week Minute Book, 1837-1844
23/12/1839 John Marton     Of Marton & belonging Little Edstone. That the Clerk of Helmsley be written to concerning the 4.2.6 paid to J. M. Minute Book, 1837-1844
07/09/1840 John Robinson     That the sum of one pound fifteen shillings paid by the Malton Union on account of the parish of Marton concerning John Robinson and family be remitted. Minute Book, 1837-1844
08/03/1841 Philip Heseltine     Of Liverton and now residing at Normanby - to be allowed 5/ to attend at the Guisbrough Board Minute Book, 1837-1844
10/05/1841   Kirk   Marton That the financial expenses of Kirk's child 14/3 be allowed by the Board - Marton Minute Book, 1837-1844
05/07/1841   Reed widow Marton That the Scarbro Relieving Officer be written to that 4s/ per week be allowed to Reed's widow Minute Book, 1837-1844
23/08/1841   Kirk     That the financial expenses of Kirk's child 14/3 be allowed by the Board - Marton Minute Book, 1837-1844
12/09/1842 John Easterby     That 10s/ be allowed to John Easterby for the funeral of a child. Minute Book, 1837-1844
28/11/1842 William Cole     That Thomas Sudderby belonging Risebro be examined by Mr Cole & if found to be a proper subject for the Workhouse then to be admitted. Minute Book, 1837-1844
13/02/1843 Thomas Temple     That an order be made for the removal of Thomas Temple and two children from Marton to Ruston. Minute Book, 1837-1844
27/03/1843   Coates   Thornton That eight pounds be offered to Coates belonging Thornton to enable him to go to America. Minute Book, 1837-1844
11/09/1843 Peter Dennis     Tender for coffins at Ellerburn & Thornton - accepted Minute Book, 1837-1844
08/07/1844   Robinson     That the sum of 20s/ be paid to Robinson for Smiddy's child Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/08/1845 William Sawdon     Burial fees & coffin for Jane Johnson 1.5.6 to be paid to Wm Sawdon, Marton. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
08/12/1845 Robert Aldridge     Sinnington - Robert Aldridge (being ill) to have 2/6 per week for 2 weeks Minute Book, June 1844-1850
22/12/1845 Robert Aldridge     Sinnington - Aldridge to have 5/- for one week Minute Book, June 1844-1850
05/01/1846 Robert Aldridge     Sinnington - Aldridge 5/- to be repaid to the Overseer for money laid down last week & to remain at 4/- till further report made. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
12/01/1846 Thomas Adamson     Marton - Thomas Adamson dead having 4/- per week Minute Book, June 1844-1850
26/01/1846 Hannah Adamson     Marton - Hannah Adamson (58) living at Kirby Moorside to have 1/- per week. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
26/01/1846 John Frank     Newton - That 2s/- be allowed to John Frank for straps to White's wooden leg. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
26/01/1846 Mary Hopkin     Marton - Mary Hopkin (77) living at Marton to have 1/6 per week. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
09/03/1846 Ann Nellist     Marton - That 5s/- per week be allowed to Ann Nellist from Saturday week. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
23/03/1846 Peter Dennis     That Peter Dennis' tender be accepted for funerals at 1.4.0 each. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
23/03/1846   Easterby Widow   Widow Easterby now receiving 2s/- to have 2s/- additional Minute Book, June 1844-1850
06/04/1846 John Collier     Normanby - John Collier (70) & wife (40) to have 2/6 for one week. (addl) Minute Book, June 1844-1850
20/04/1846 John Collier     Normanby - John Collier to have 6d additional. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
20/04/1846   Easterby     Kirby Misperton - Bill for Easterby 5s/8d allowed Minute Book, June 1844-1850
20/04/1846 Harman Trueman     Normanby - Harman Trueman's case also to be left to the Scarborough Board. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
04/05/1846   Duffield     Normanby - Duffield widow to be struck off a fortnight from this day & Relieving Officer to tell the pauper Minute Book, June 1844-1850
04/05/1846 Harman Trueman     Normanby - To write to Scarbro' Union that the Guardian of Normanby does not consider that Harman Trueman belongs to their parish. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/05/1846 Richard Ainsley     Marton - To write to Helmsley Board & recommend 2/6 weekly to Ainsley's daughter (aged 30) ordered that Mr Spaven pay her 2/6 weekly. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/05/1846 Robert Aldridge     Sinnington - That 1 be allowed to a man to wait upon Aldridge ordered that the Relieving Officer pay the same Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/05/1846 George Chapman     Marton - Geo/e Chapman residing in Driffield Union have an order for the Workhouse and Master will pay fare to Pickering. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/05/1846 Jane Easterby     Kirby Misperton - Allowed 1.9.0 for the funeral expenses of Jane Easterby. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/05/1846 Mary Medd     Sinnington - Mary Medd (aged 34) having 3 illegitimate children applied for relief refused Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/05/1846 Charles Worth     Marton - Same to Chas Worth residing in Barnsley Union. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
01/06/1846 Richard Ainsley     Marton - Richd Ainsley to be reduced from 4/- to 2s/6d. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
01/06/1846 John Collier     Normanby - John Collier reduced to 1s/- weekly. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
01/06/1846 James Martin     Sinnington - To write to Mr Jas Martin Gate Helmsley to remove Aldrige to their asylum. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
15/06/1846 Richard Ainsley     Marton - Richd Ainsley to have 6d added from the time he was reduced. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
15/06/1846 Charles Worth     Marton - The Relieving sic to repay to the Guardians of Marton the sum of 12s/- for money advanced to Chas Worth & to pay 6/- weekly to the said pauper Minute Book, June 1844-1850
10/08/1846 Henry Isaac Zachariah     That Mr Henry Isaac Zachariah of Pickering clock and watch maker be appointed Deputy Registrar for the Pickering District. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/10/1846 James Martin     cheque to be given - Lunatics Minute Book, June 1844-1850
29/05/1848 Elizabeth Ableson     That the Clerk write to the Clerk of Guisbrough Union as to the settlement of Elizabeth Ableson's illegitimate child as stated to be at Spaunton that this Board is of opinion that additional evidence is required as to proof of settlement being at Spaunton. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
16/10/1848 Hannah Dennis     Normanby Bill of 1.9.0 allowed for funeral expenses of Hannah Dennis. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
27/11/1848 Mary Frank     Marriage notice read John Mook and Mary Frank. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
14/05/1849 Dinah Shepherd     Marton That an order of removal be obtained for Dinah Shepherd and chargeable to Marton. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
09/07/1849 John Featherstone     That as regards registration the parishes of Sinnington Marton Barughs Ambo and Kirby Misperton be called the Sinnington District and that this Board concurs with the Registrar General as to John Featherstone residing at Normanby until next Michaelmas Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/02/1850   Brown Mr   That the books recommended by Mr Brown Her Majesty's School Inspector be immediately procured and that a limited number of children of out-door paupers may be allowed to attend the Workhouse school. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
18/02/1850 Hannah Dennis     Bill amounting to 1.4.0 for the board and lodging of a vagrant at Hannah Dennis's lodging house be allowed. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
15/04/1850 William Cole     Proposed by Mr John Mercer and seconded by Mr William Dobson that Mr Cole's salary be reduced 10 per annum. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
13/05/1850 William Cole     Proposed that Mr Cole's salary be reduced 10. Alternative proposal: that 5 be the reduction The propositions having been put to the vote 10 was agreed to. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
27/05/1850 John Lumley     Marriage notice read between John Lumley and Mary Gill. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
10/06/1850 John Lumley     Marriage notice read between John Lumley and Mary Gill. Minute Book, June 1844-1850
16/09/1850 Elizabeth Burrell     That the Clerk make a request to the Poor Law Board to sanction the payment of a sum not exceeding 15 to enable Elizabeth Burrell and her family to emigrate to America. Minute Book, June 1844-1850

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