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Hello Bernie


Peter and I live in the small village of Angfurten in Germany, about 60 kilometres east of Cologne.  Before moving to Germany we lived in Normanby.  I wondered whether there would be any interest in some sort of connection between Normanby and Angfurten.  At the moment it is just an idea.  I have no idea how one sets about these things or what formal or informal arrangements are possible.  The idea will be brought up at the next village committee    meeting at the beginning of October. Perhaps you could let me know your thoughts on the idea.


Angfurten is roughly the same size as Normanby, with a population of about 140.  It also has the old red telephone box from Normanby if you go onto the website  click on “Das Dorf” and then select “Fotorundgang (5)” you will see it.


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future – give our regards to Keith and Elaine.




Elizabeth Mason



(Normanby kiosk being installed in Germany)

I believe that Normanby had only two private lines in the 1950's.  Of course the box was also used as the bus shelter and a canoodling centre.

Telephone number of the  kiosk  Normanby One

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