Players List 1949-1963

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Alphabetical list of Normanby’s Players 1949 to 1963
1949 1950 1951 1952 1953
Barker Harry Barker Harry Bell Phillip Bell Phillip Bell Phillip
Brown Stan Bell Phillip Bentley Geoff Belt George Bell John
Champion Stan Bootwell M Bentley Ron Bentley Ron Belt George
Fletcher George Brewer Ernest Dodds Alf Brewer Ernest Bentley Ron
Foxton Tom Brown Stan Foxton Tom Brewer Art Bentley Geoff
Foxton Rob Brown Alan Frank Trevor Cook Peter Brewer Ernest
Gamble Les Brown Geoff Garbutt Modge Foxton Tom Brewer Art
Garbutt Modge Foxton Rob Grayson David Frank Trevor Foxton Tom
Grainger Wilf Frank Trevor Hornby George Garbutt Modge Foxton Rob
Hornby George Gamble Les Jewitt Peter Grayson David Frank Bernard
Hunter Ron Hornby George Jude Frank Hornby George Grayson David
Jewitt Peter Jewitt Peter Knight John Ingleby Stan Hornby George
Jewitt Harry Jude Frank Marton George Jewitt Harry Hunter Ron
Jude Frank Marton George McDonald-Smith Clive Jude Frank Jude Frank
Lockwood Bernard Pillmoor George Powell David Leng John Leng John
Marton George Potter Reg Sawdon Bob Lockwood Sid Lockwood Col. AS
Marton Reg Sawdon Bob Simpson Brian Lyons John Lockwood Alan
Rex George Sleightholme Will Sleightholme Peter Marton George Lyons John
Sleightholme Will Sleightholme Peter Sleightholme Reg Potter Reg Marton George
Smith Ron Sleightholme Reg Sleightholme Will Sawdon Bob Milestone John
Stead Dennis Smith Ron Smith Allan Sleightholme Will Pease Geoff
Turnbull Les Smith Clive Smith Ron Sleightholme Reg Pickup Allan
Waind John Smith Allan Stead Dennis Sleightholme Peter Potter Reg
Watson Frank Stead Dennis Thompson Russ Smith Allan Powell David
Watson Allan Turnbull Les Waind John Smith Ron Preston Tom
    Turnbull William Watson Frank Stead Dennis Sawdon Bob
    Waind John     Waind John Simpson Brian
    Wilson Harry         Sleightholme Reg
    Wright Harry         Smith Allan
    Bell John         Smith Ron
                Stead Dennis
                Strickland Mike
                Thompson Richard
                Waind John
                Wright Harry
1954 1955 1956 1957 1958
Bentley Ron Bentley Ron Bell Tony Bell Tony Frank Trevor
Brewer Art Foxton Tom Frank Trevor Flinton Steve Grayson Geoff
Frank Bernard Frank Trevor Frank Bernard Foxton Rob Hornby George
Grayson David Frank Bernard Grayson Geoff Foxton Tom Jude Frank
Hornby George Grayson Geoff Hornby George Frank Trevor Leng John
Hunt Robert Hardwick Robin Hornby Trevor Grayson David Marton George
Jewitt Peter Hornby George Jude Frank Hornby George Powell David
Jewitt Harry Hunt Robert Leng John Hornby Trevor Sawdon Bob
Jude Frank Jewitt Peter Marton George Jude Frank Simpson Brian
Leng John Jude Frank Potter Reg Leng John Sleightholme Peter
Lockwood Col. AS Leng John Powell David Marton George Smith Ron
Marton George Marton George Sawdon Bob Powell David Smith Robin
Marton Reg Peace Geoff Simpson Brian Sawdon Bob Waind John
Peace Geoff Potter Reg Sleightholme Will Simpson Brian Waind John W
Pickup Allan Powell David Sleightholme Peter Sleightholme Reg Ward John
Potter Reg Russell Peter Sleightholme Geoff Smith Ron Wilson Harry
Powell David Sawdon Bob Smith Ron Smith Robin    
Russell Peter Simpson Brian Smith Robin Waind John    
Sawdon Bob Sleightholme Will Stead Dennis Waind John W    
Simpson Brian Sleightholme Peter Todd George Wilson Harry    
Sleightholme Will Sleightholme Art Waind John        
Sleightholme Reg Smith Ron Waind John W        
Smith Ron Smith Robin            
Smith Robin Stead Dennis            
Stead Dennis Waind John            
Strickland Mike Waind John W            
Thompson Richard                
Waind John                
Waind John W                
1959 1960 1961 1962 1963
Bell Tony Bell Tony Bell Tony Bell Tony Bell Tony
Colley John Frank Trevor Colley John Benton Richard Benton Richard
Frank Trevor Hornby George Colley David Bielby John Frank Ken
Heaton Ron Hudson Roy Frank Trevor Binder Derek Frank Trevor
Hornby George Leng John Frank Bernard Colley David Holt Ken
Jude Frank Marton George Hornby Trevor Frank Bernard Hornby George
Leng John Powell David Marton George Frank Ken Hornby Trevor
Marton George Sawdon Bob Powell David Frank Trevor Jude Frank
Powell David Simpson Brian Simpson Brian Hornby George Powel David
Sawdon Bob Sleightholme Peter Sleightholme Peter Hornby Trevor Simpson Brain
Simpson Brian Smith Ron Smith Ron Hunt Robert Stead Dennis
Simpson Brian Sturdy Frank Sturdy Frank Jude Frank Sturdy Frank
Sleightholme Peter Thompson Richard Thompson Richard Lockwood Allan Thompson Richard
Smith Ron Waind John Waind John Mallory Martin Waind John
Smith Robin Waind John W Waind John W Peace Geoff Waind John W
Timms Michael     Wardell Peter Powell David Walton William
Waind John W         Rex George    
Waind John         Simpson Brian    
            Sleightholme Peter    
    Ladies 1950   Sleightholme Reg    
    Cook Edith  Marton   Sleightholme Stephen    
    Sleightholme May  Marton   Stead Dennis    
    Marton Jean  Normanby   Sturdy Frank    
    Sharp Mavis *  Marton   Thompson Richard    
    Dobson Mary  Normanby   Waind John    
    Jude Rene  Barugh          
    Belt Jean  Normanby          
    Mothersdale Rose  Normanby          
    Leng Kathleen  Normanby          
    Marton Edna  Normanby          
    Harding Winnie  Normanby          
    Marshall Polly **  Pickering          

Polly Marshall ** played for England, Yorkshire & Pickering whilst Mavis Sharp * played for Yorkshire & Pickering.


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