Marton 1901 Census

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Administrative County:  Yorkshire
Civil Parish: Sinnington
Ecclesiastical Parish: All Saints Sinnington
Rural District: Pickering
Parliamentary Borough: Whitby


Name & Surname Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age Sex Profession or Occupation Employer or Worker or Own Account Where Born
Dwelling 1
Robert Wildsmith Head Married 62 M Farmer Employer Slingsby, York's
John Wildsmith Son Single 36 M Farmers Son Worker Croft, York's
Florence Wildsmith Daughter Single 30 F Farmers Daughter Worker Croft, York's
Sarah Wildsmith Daughter Single 20 F Farmers Daughter Worker Marton, York's
Robert Sleightholme Grand-Son Single 19 M   Worker Marton, York's
Margaret Wildsmith Grand-Daughter Single 16 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 2
Mary Thompson Head Widow 77 F Living on own Means   Cawton, York's
Margaret Sturdy Niece Widow 63 F Nurse Worker Cawton, York's
Dwelling 3
Edward E Richardson Head Married 71 M Tailor Draper Own Account Rievaulx, York's
Ann Richardson Wife Married 71 F     Malton, York's
Dwelling 4
William Wildsmith Head Married 27 M Farmers Son Worker Marton, York's
Launa Wildsmith Wife Married 27 F     Theakstone, York's
Robert Wildsmith Son Child 4 M     Pockley, York's
Margaret W Wildsmith Daughter Child 1 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 5
John Coates Head Widow 79 M Butcher Farmer Own Account Brawby, York's
Frank Coates Son Single 40 M Assistant Worker Marton, York's
Mary Coates Daughter Single 43 F House Keeper Worker Marton, York's
Dwelling 6
Mary Lumley Head Widow 69 F Living on own Means   Marton, York's
Dwelling 7
Dwelling 8
Dwelling 9
Boys & Girls School 10              
Dwelling 11
James Harland Head Widow 68 M labourer Worker Normanby, York's
Dwelling 12
Thomas Sugdon Head Married 53 M Living on own Means   Great Barugh, York's
Mary Sugdon Wife Married 46 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 13
Jane Deane Head Widow 48 F Dressmaker Own Account Normanby, York's
Edith Deane Daughter Single 21 F Dressmaker   Marton, York's
Edwin T Deane Son Single 19 M Groom Worker Marton, York's
Dwelling 14
Elizabeth Sugdon Head Single 51 F Living on own Means   Great Barugh, York's
Hannah Sugdon Sister Single 48 F Living on own Means   Great Barugh, York's
Dwelling 15
Christopher Lumley Head Married 29 M Carrier Corn Own Account Marton, York's
Elizabeth Lumley Wife Married 32 F     Flixton, York's
Hilda Lumley Daughter Child 2 F     Marton, York's
Dora Lumley Daughter Child 8 months F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 16
Jane Fisher Head Widow 77 F Dressmaker Own Account Rosedale, York's
Charles Fisher Son Single 55 M Gardener Own Account Marton, York's
Dwelling 17
Dwelling 18
Joseph Ward Head Single 73 M Agricultural labourer Worker Helmsley, York's
Dwelling 19
Robert Best Head Married 49 M labourer general Worker Fadmoor, York's
Hannah Best Wife Married 43 F     Muscoates, York's
Albert Best Son Child 13 M     Fadmoor, York's
Annie Best Daughter Child 11 F     Gillamoor, York's
Jennie Best Daughter Child 9 F     Gillamoor, York's
Nellie Best Daughter Child 6 F     Marton, York's
Arthur Best Son Child 3 M     Marton, York's
Dwelling 20
William Hesp Head Married 54 M Farm labourer Worker Butterwick, York's
Mary Hesp Wife Married 46 F Shop keeper   Sinnington, York's
Mary Ann Hesp Daughter Single 17 F Dressmaker   Sinnington, York's
Henry Hesp Son Single 15 M Tailors Assistant   Sinnington, York's
Lucy Hesp Daughter Child 14 F     Sinnington, York's
Sarah Jane Hesp Daughter Child 11 F     Sinnington, York's
Lilian Hesp Daughter Child 9 F     Sinnington, York's
Dora Hesp Daughter Child 7 F     Sinnington, York's
Adelene Hesp Daughter Child 5 F     Sinnington, York's
Robert Underwood Border Child 9 months M     Normanby, York's
Dwelling 21
Mary Williamson Head Widow 71 F Cow Keeper Own Account Sinnington, York's
Ruth H Williamson Daughter Single 27 F   Worker Marton, York's
Dwelling 22

Robert Sawdon

Head Single 39 M Shoemaker Own Account Sinnington, York's
Clemmie Sawdon Niece Single 25 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 23
Robert H Williamson Head Married 33 M Butter & Egg Dealer Own Account Sinnington, York's
Sarah M Williamson Wife Married 32 F     Marton, York's
Annie E Williamson Daughter Child 12 F     Marton, York's
John S Williamson Son Child 10 M     Marton, York's
George O Williamson Son Child 7 M     Marton, York's
Arthur Williamson Son Child 5 M     Marton, York's
Doreen C Williamson Daughter Child 2 F     Marton, York's
Margaret V Williamson Daughter Child 2 months F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 24
Charlotte Scot Head Widow 56 F Living on own Means   Hutton Ambo, York's
Blacksmiths Shop              
Premitive Chapel              
Dwelling 25
Alfred Fairbank Head Single 56 M Tailor   Marton, York's
Dwelling 26
William Hall Head Married 42 M General labourer Worker Kirbymoorside, York's
Mary H Hall Wife Married 41 F     Marton, York's
Elizabeth A Hall Daughter Child 8 F     Sunderland, Durham
Hannah M Hall Daughter Child 7 F     Marton, York's
Edith E Hall Daughter Child 5 F     Marton, York's
Selina Hall Daughter Child 3 F     Marton, York's
George W Hall Son Child 2 M     Marton, York's
Elsie M Hall Daughter Child 11 months F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 27
Robert Sleightholme Head Married 66 M Horseman on Farm Worker Marton, York's
Mary A Sleightholme Wife Married 49 F     Marton, York's
Emerily Sleightholme Daughter Single 26 F     Marton, York's
Thomas Sleightholme Son Child 13 M     Sinnington, York's
Kathleen Sleightholme Grand- Daughter Child 2 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 28
Annie J Parry Head Single 47   School Teacher   Liverpool, Lancashire
Dwelling 29
George Marshall Head Married 47 M Farmer Employer Ebberston, York's
Elizabeth Marshall Wife Married 49 F     Thornton, York's
Florence Marshall Daughter Single 22 F     Ebberston, York's
Hannah Marshall Mother Widow 89 F     Levisham, York's
Dwelling 30
Henry Jackson Head Single 32 M Boot Maker Own Account Marton, York's
Dwelling 31
John S Richardson Head Married 45 M Tailor Own Account Marton, York's
Anna Richardson Wife Married 34 F     Staxton, York's
William Richardson Son Child 13 M     Marton, York's
George Richardson Son Child 11 M     Marton, York's
Thomas H Richardson Son Child 4 M     Marton, York's
Fred Sleightholme Grand-Son Child 4 M     Marton, York's
Dwelling 32
John Chapman Head Married 68 M Retired Farmer   Rawcliffe, York's
Susanah Chapman Wife Married 63 F     Easingwold, York's
Helen Chapman Daughter Single 30 F     Pickering, York's
Dwelling 33
Dwelling 34
Thomas Holliday Head Married 38 M Roadman Worker Spaunton, York's
Barbara Holliday Wife Married 38 F     Stokesley, York's
Ann E Holliday Daughter Child 10 F     Appleton-le-Moors, York's
George Holliday Son Child 8 M     Appleton-le-Moors, York's
Dwelling 35
Sarah Dobson Head Widow 76 F     Marton, York's
William S Dobson Son Single 53 M Joiner Carpenter Worker Marton, York's
Thomas Dobson Son Single 48 M Joiner Carpenter Worker Marton, York's
Jane E Dobson Daughter Single 44 F     Marton, York's
Sarah Dobson Daughter Single 43 F     Marton, York's
Mary Dobson Daughter Single 40 F     Marton, York's
Robert Dobson Son Single 36 M Joiner Carpenter   Marton, York's
Galla Head Farm 36
William Ringrose Head Widow 76 M Farmer Employer West Sutton, York's
Prisalla Ringrose Daughter Single 49 F     Settrington, York's
Phoebe Ringrose Daughter Single 43 F     Settrington, York's
Mathew Ringrose Son Single 37 M Farmer Son Worker Settrington, York's
Lydia Ringrose Daughter Single 33 F     Norton, York's
Hilda Ringrose Grand-Daughter Single 15 F     Pickering, York's
Thomas Ringrose Grand-Son Single 16 M     Pickering, York's
Dwelling 37
William Eccles Head Married 37 M Agricultural labourer Worker Normanby, York's
Sarah Eccles Wife Married 23 F     Eastmoors, York's
John Tyerman Uncle Single 44 M Gardener Worker Bransdale, York's
Florrie Eccles Daughter Child 4 months F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 38
Daniel Turnbull Head Married 32 M Corn Cake & Manure Merchant (Miller) Employer Wrelton, York's
Elizabeth Turnbull Wife Married 32 F     Croft, York's
William Turnbull Son Child 2 M     Marton, York's
Sarah J Sleightholme Niece Single 15 F     Marton, York's
Spotted Cow Inn 39
George Brown Head Single 27 M Sadler & Inn Keeper Own Account Marton, York's
Ada Brown Sister Single 31 F House Keeper   Marton, York's
Sarah Coates Servant Single 25 F Domestic Servant   Kirbymills, York's
Malton & Kirby Lane 40
John Jackson Head Widow 60 M Pig & Cattle Dealer Own Account Farndale, York's
William A Jackson Son Single 27 M Pig & Cattle Dealer Own Account Gillamoor, York's
Mary E Jackson Daughter Single 26 F     Gillamoor, York's
Florence R Jackson Daughter Single 20 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 41
William Helms Head Single 74 M Farmer & Cattle Dealer Own Account Spaunton, York's
Jane Spaven Servant Single 50 F General Servant   Allerston, York's
Marton Hill 42
Annie Frank Head Widow 49 F Living on own Means   Howden, York's
John S Brown Brother Single 28 M Cattle Dealer Own Account Malton, York's
Sarah Grayston Servant Single 19 F General Servant   Pickering, York's
Sinks Land, no house 43
Malton & Kirby Lane 44
Mathew Spaven Head Married 35 M Stockman on Farm Worker Marton, York's
Sarah Spaven Wife Married 26 F     Rudland, York's
George Spaven Son Child 5 M     Rudland, York's
Norah A Spaven Daughter Child 1 F     Marton, York's
Dwelling 45
Thomas Grayson Head Married 37 M Farmers Son Worker Pickering, York's
Louisa Grayson Wife Married 33 F     Butterwick, York's
Kate Grayson Daughter Child 7 F     Sinnington, York's
Thomas D Grayson Son Child 2 M     Sinnington, York's
Dwelling 46
John Sleightholme Head Married 69 M Retired Farmer   Marton, York's
Ellen Sleightholme Wife Married 72 F     Normanby, York's
William S Sleightholme Son Married 32 M Mechanic & Engineer Employer Marton, York's
Joseph R Sleightholme Son Single 30 M Farmer Own Account Marton, York's
Marion Sleightholme Sons Wife Married 30 F     Appleton-le-Moors,  York's
Alice J Jackson Servant Single 22 F General Servant   Gillamoor, York's
William Wawne Apprentice Single 17 M Cycle Engineer   Wiganthorpe, York's
Dwelling 47
Robert Davidson Head Single 50 M General labourer Worker Normanby, York's
Dwelling 48
Henry Pickering Head Married 61 M Wheelwright & Joiner Own Account Hartoft, York's
Marton Population Average Age 33     Children 14 & under 41 28%
147 Total Males 65     Teenagers 15 to 19 10 7%
  Total Females 81     Aged between 20 to 29 18 12%
  Single 52 35% Aged between 30 to 39 24 16%
Married 40 27% Aged between 40 to 49 23 16%
Widow 14 10% Aged between 50 to 59 9 6%
Children 41 28% Aged between 60 to 69 10 7%
Servants 4 3% Aged between 70 to 79 12 8%



Transcribed by Bernie

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