Salton 1901 Census

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Administrative County:  Yorkshire
Civil Parish: SALTON
Ecclesiastical Parish:  Salton St. Johns of Beverley
Rural District: Kirbymoorside
Parliamentary Borough: Whitby
Name & Surname Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age last Birthday Sex Profession or Occupation Employer or Worker or Own Account Where Born
Salton Grange 1
George Bean Head Married 77 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Salton
Caroline Bean Wife Married 77   F     Yorks, Halifax
David Bean Son Married 35 M   Farmer Worker Yorks, Salton
Annie Bean Daughter-in-Law Married 32   F     Yorks, Thornton Dale
George Bean Grand-Son Child 7 M       Yorks, Salton
George Petch Grand-Son Single 16 M   Farmer   Yorks, Stonegrave
Broats Farm 2
John Pickard Head Married 56 M   Farmer & Blacksmith   Yorks, Salton
Lucy Pickard Wife Married 56   F     Yorks, Salton
George Pickard Son Single 30 M     Worker Yorks, Salton
Annie Pickard Daughter Single 27   F     Yorks, Salton
William Pickard Son Single 24 M       Yorks, Salton
Thomas Caisley Servant Single 63 M   Yardman Cattle Worker Yorks, Westow
Harry Ward Servant Single 28 M   Agricultural Labourer Worker Yorks, Butterwick
Glebe Farm 3
William Burton Head Married 44 M   Shepherd Worker Yorks, Wombleton
Mary A Burton Wife Married 36   F     Yorks, Harome
Marian A Burton Daughter Child 11   F     Yorks, Catter Bridge
Blanch Burton Daughter Child 8   F     Yorks, Muscoates
Beatrice Burton Daughter Child 6   F     Yorks, Muscoates
William W Burton Son Child 5 M       Yorks, Muscoates
Nellie Burton Daughter Child 3   F     Yorks, Muscoates
Eva Mary Burton Daughter Child 1   F     Yorks, Salton
Public House 4
James Thompson Head Married 62 M   Inn Keeper Pub   Yorks, Kirbymoorside
Mary Thompson Wife Married 56   F     Yorks, Great Barugh
Vicarage 5
William B Cranshaw Head Married 44 M   Clergyman Church of England   Westmoreland, Gt. Strickland
Elizabeth A Cranshaw Wife Married 45   F      
William B Cranshaw Father Married 78 M   Living on Own Means   Lancs., Preston
Margaret Cranshaw Mother Married 72   F     Lancs., Preston
Ruth Best Servant Single 18   F General Servant   Yorks, Fadmoor
Dwelling 6
William Thompson Head Married 57 M   Agricultural Labourer Worker Yorks, Edstone
Luisa Thompson Wife Married 55   F     Yorks, Brawby
Jane E Thompson Daughter Child 10   F     Yorks, Salton
Dwelling 7
John Richardson Head Married 53 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Skirlaugh
Elizabeth Richardson Wife Married 54   F     Durham, Stanhope
Emma G Spence Mother Widow 66   F     Devon,
Elizabeth A Brigg Servant Single 24   F House Maud Worker Durham, Darlington
Mary B Johnson Servant Single 19   F Cook Worker Yorks, Market Weighton
Dwelling 8
Alfred Peacock Head Married 34 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Muscoates
Annie Peacock Wife Married 30   F     Yorks, Bushby Grange
Dennis Peacock Son Child 3 mths M       Yorks, Salton
Margaret Bowes Servant Single 20   F General Servant Worker Yorks, Barugh
James Dawson Servant Single 22 M   Waggoner on Farm Worker Yorks, Kirbymills
William Brewer Servant Single 25 M   General Carter Worker Yorks, Brawby
Dwelling 9
William Fairbank Head Married 59 M   Groom   Yorks, Salton
Eliza Fairbank Wife Married 60   F     Yorks, Rudland
Dwelling 10
Hannah Thompson Head Widow 76   F Living on Own Means Own Account Yorks, Muscoates
Dwelling 11
Richardson Cook Head Widow 54 M   Cordwainer Own Account Yorks, Lastingham
Eliza A Cook Daughter Single 22   F     Yorks, Salton
Dwelling 12
Haigh Umpleby Head Married 39 M   Farm Labourer Worker Yorks,  Ryton
Christiana Umpleby Wife Married 41   F     Yorks, Barugh
Charlotte Umpleby Daughter Child 14   F     Yorks, Salton
Minnie Umpleby Daughter Child 9   F     Yorks, Salton
Christiana Umpleby Daughter Child 7   F     Yorks, Salton
Henry Barker Lodger Widow 68 M   Agricultural Labourer   Yorks, Barugh
Dwelling 13
Robert Thompson Head Married 27 M   Hind on Farm Worker Yorks, Salton
Charlotte E Thompson Wife Married 24   F     Yorks, Scarbro
Helen M Myers Aunt Married 55   F Retired Governor Own Account Yorks, Rotherham
George Thompson Boarder Single 19 M   General Agricultural Labourer Worker Yorks, Brawby
Tom Jefferson Boarder Single 18 M   Groom Worker Yorks, Sinnington
Dwelling 14
James Marsters Head Married 48 M   Agricultural Labourer Worker Norfolk, Grimston
Francis Marsters Wife Married 50   F     Norfolk, Grimston
Myrill Stephenson Daughter Married 21   F     Yorks, Catterick
Dwelling 15
Joseph Parker Head Married 40 M   Farmer Own Account Yorks, Marton
Hannah Parker Wife Married 47   F Char-mistress   Lancs., Oldham
Dwelling 16
John Flintoff Head Married 68 M   Agricultural Labourer Worker Yorks, Appleton-le-moors
Ruth Flintoff Wife Married 66   F     Yorks, Salton
Dwelling 17
Willliam Fletcher Head Married 38 M   Joiner, Wheelwright, Undertaker Employer Yorks, Salton
Maria Fletcher Wife Married 35   F     Yorks,
Ada Fletcher Daughter Child 7   F     Yorks, Salton
Francis Fletcher Son Child 6 M       Yorks, Salton
Nellie Fletcher Daughter Child 3   F     Yorks, Salton
William Fletcher Son Child 6 mths M       Yorks, Salton
Francis Fletcher Father Widow 81 M       Yorks, Salton
Oswald Flintoff Apprentice Single 16 M   Apprentice Carpenter   Yorks, Middleton
Dwelling 18
Samuel Galley Head Married 27 M   Waggoner on Farm Worker Essex, Gt. Leighs
Mary Galley Wife Married 26   F     Yorks, Kirbymills
Hannah Rawling Boarder Child 6   F     Yorks, Kirbymills
Joseph W Galley Son Child 3 M       Yorks, Kirbymills
Rose Galley Daughter Child 7 mths   F     Yorks, Kirbymills
Dwelling 19
John Walker Head Married 40 M   Labourer Yardman Worker Yorks, Nunington
Annie Walker Wife Married 28   F     Yorks, Salton
Mary E Walker Daughter Child 8   F     Yorks, Salton
William T Walker Son Child 6 M       Yorks, Salton
Dwelling 20
William Brown Head Married 44 M   Farm Yardman Worker Norfolk, Needham
Grace A Brown Wife Married 39   F     Yorks, Atwick
Isabel Brown Daughter Child 7   F     Yorks, Salton
George Brown Son Child 4 M       Yorks, Salton
Harry Brown Son Child 3 M       Yorks, Salton
Fred Brown Son Child 1 M       Yorks, Salton
Dwelling 21
William Ware Head Married 56 M   Joiner Carpenter Own Account Yorks, Salton
Eliza Ware Wife Married 52   F     Yorks, Kirbymoorside
Fred Ware Son Single 32 M   Joiner Carpenter   Yorks, Salton
Tom Ware Son Single 23 M   Joiner Carpenter   Yorks, Salton
Clara Ware Daughter Single 14   F     Yorks, Salton
Salton Lodge 22
Mary E Cussons Head Widow 54   F Farmer Employer Yorks, Stanley
William Cussons Son Single 23 M     Worker Yorks, Salton
John W Bartram Servant Single 17 M   Carter & Waggoner Worker Yorks, Beadlam
Edith A Cussons Daughter Single 21   F     Yorks, Salton
John R Richardson Servant Single 17 M   Carter & Waggoner Worker Yorks, Marton
Alice J Thackray Servant Single 16   F General Servant Worker Yorks, Snainton
Sparrow Hall 23
Edward Wood Head Single 44 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Salton
Ann Wood Sister Single 46   F     Yorks, Salton
Mary Wood Sister Single 36   F     Yorks, Salton
George Wood Nephew Single 19 M   Waggoner on Farm   Yorks, Helmsley
John Ransome Servant Single 27 M   Carter on Farm   Yorks, Helmsley
High Fields 24
George Petch Head Widow 58 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Rosedale East
Hannah Tate Daughter Married 27   F     Yorks, Rosedale East
George Tate Son-in-Law Married 23 M   Herdsman on Farm Worker Cleveland, Normanby 
William Tate Grand-Son Child 1 M       Yorks, Salton
Dwelling 25
Thomas Bulmer Head Single 51 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Salton
Hannah Beaver Servant Single 35   F House Keeper   Yorks, Pickering
Dora Burton Servant Single 14   F     Yorks, Welburn
Joe Bielby Servant Single 22 M   Foreman on Farm   Yorks, Welburn
William Beaver Servant Single 14 M       Yorks, Pickering
Joe Beaver Servant Single 14 M       Yorks, Pickering
White Thorn 26
William Rook Head Married 60 M   Farmer Employer Yorks, Nawton
Hannah Rook Wife Married 61   F     Yorks, Goathland
Thomas Ventrus Servant Single 49 M   Foreman on Farm Worker Yorks, Snainton Dale
Fred Teasdale Servant Single 19 M   Waggoner on Farm Worker Yorks, Pickering
William Appleby Servant Single 14 M   Plough Boy Worker Yorks, Pickering
Ocoram Dawson Servant Single 13 M   Farmyard Boy Worker Yorks, Ryton
Annie Metcalf Servant Single 20   F General Domestic   Yorks, Ryton
 Boys & Girls School
St Johns Church
Primitive Chapel 
Salton Population Average Age 33 31 26% Aged 14 & under  
121 Total Males 64 9 7% Aged 15 to 19
  Total Females 57 26 21% Aged 20 to 29
  Single 35 29% 12 10% Aged 30 to 39
Married 48 40% 12 10% Aged 40 to 49
Widow 7 6% 16 13% Aged 50 to 59
Children 31 26% 9 7% Aged 60 to 69
Servants 22 18% 6 5% Aged 70 and above

Transcribed by Bernie

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