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Normanby & Thornton Riseborough

A North Yorkshire Parish


its place in history over 2000 years


The community has never consisted of more than 200 -300 or so people; yet through history we have links with Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, Archbishops, other countries, wars and battles and interesting lives in a time line that runs from the Stone Age to the Computer Age.


The Parish in 1764 consists of 1768 acres, including 1485 acres farm land, 15 acres of waste land with Thornton Riseborough 593 acres - 3 roods - 7 perches.  ( area, 1 rood = 1/4 acre and 40 perches = rood)



1801 148

1861 199

1811 148

1871 185

1821 191

1881 178

1831 219

1891 157

1841 212

1901 156

1851 176

1931 168


For anyone with a hint of curiosity this chronological history will provide a fascinating glimpse into our origins and the way history has shaped the countryside, the village and even us.


This history has been completed with the help of many local people who have contributed large and small pieces of an ever growing jig-saw.  Special thanks are due to the late Margaret Wood and her late brother John, Peter and the late Dorothy Smith, Alan Smith, Dennis Samways, the late Isabel McLean, the late Clare Wallis, Paul and Jan Roberts and Bernie Frank.


Keith and Elaine Dowell,  December 2000.


Note to the revised edition, 2006.


Since our first exhibition a number of you have asked us to repeat it, this we did in 2005.  We have added items to this history of further research.  Ryedale Council has helped to fund the publishing, and all sales are in aid of Parish funds.  There is an archive lodged at Ryedale Folk museum.  Trevor Hornby has donated records of the village cricket team.  We have all the inscriptions from the graveyard.  Bernie Frank has been doing sterling work on census reports and more photographs have come to light, especially early images from Alan Smith and Margaret Wood.

Sincere thanks to all contributors.

Aerial view c.1990, river Seven lined by trees (North right)

Village looking North 2000

From Normanby hill looking South c.1920



Home St Andrews Church Parish History Projects Genealogy Photographs News-&-Contacts

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