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MARCH 10TH, 1863.


A short account of Joseph Smith's speech given at Normanby, which was very gay with decorations and held high festivity on that occasion, "Let us be glad and rejoice &c.


"We have been, by all the means laid in our power, celebrating and rejoicing over a Royal Wedding: the union of the Royal Houses of Britain and Denmark in the persons of the Prince of Wales and the Princess of Denmark.  This we have good reason to believe has been a marriage of true affection, and not from mere state policy.  The union has had almost the universal approval of the nation.  Preparations for celebrating it have been of a most magnificent character; the attendant circumstances of their union have been of a mingled character, carrying joy and delight to most hearts, but producing sorrow in others.  Much as we have felt interested in reading these accounts, yet there is no rose without a thorn, no sky without a cloud; so in this otherwise brilliant sky, a dark cloud hovered in some places.


When the anthem was being performed during the marriage ceremony, which referred to the death of Prince Albert, we learn that the Royal Widow, our beloved Queen, with her face buried in her hands, sobbed aloud.  That great bereavement which she had sustained less than eighteen months ago; that calamity which left the best of queens and of mothers a widow, called forth our deepest and most sincere sympathy.  Her loss was ours. She lost one of the hest of husbands; her children one of the best of fathers; and we one of the best of princes and counsellors.  We just began to appreciate his worth when, by the cruel hand of death, he was remove from us, but not till after he was gone were we alive to his excellences, then we could understand how great the loss the widowed Queen had sustained.  We remember with what anxiety we read every reference to this sad event, especially as to its effect upon the mind of the Queen.  No wonder after gloom should have so long hung upon the throne that now, when it is partially displaced by joy, we, the loyal subjects of the throne, should thrice welcome the joy.  The Queen must joy in the fact that is so clear to-day, that she is enthroned in the hearts of her subjects, and that in her family it is established for many generations.


"We have for our Sovereign the best of queens, in whatever relationship we view her in life; her Court one of the purest in the world, and her family one of the best ordered and regulated in the country I quite approve that this day has been set apart as a day of national festivity and rejoicing.  The young Princess which our Prince of Wales has this day taken as a wife, and which we now adopt as a dignified member of the national family, is in every way worthy of the affections of the future king of these realms and also of the people.  We hear that the bride looked sad and pensive, as well she might, as in youth and inexperience she comes a stranger amongst a people of whom she knows but little."


We may add: How true has. been Mr. Smith's prediction.  The Princess has won the hearts of the people, and is universally beloved.


In continuing the record of events taken from the journal they may be read with interest by some of our older friends, the mention of some meeting will perhaps vividly renew in their minds the many old associations connected therewith. We only have space to mention a few chief events, as it would be repetition to name all the meetings attended year after year ;


Events 1863/64


"June 18th, 1863, returned from Whitby, and attended 'Missionary meeting at Wrelton."


"June 23rd, at Normanby, Sunday School Tea Feast."


"June 29th, at Nunnington, Temperance Festival at night."


"June 30th, at Castle Howard, Temperance Festival."


"July 3rd, at Malton, Temperance Festival"


"July 7th, at Great Barugh, Missionary meeting."


July 8th, at York, Temperance Conference."


"July 18th,  at Mr. Piercy's; see Mr. George, from China."


"July 29th, at Rosedale, making arrangements for new chapel."


"July 30th, at Normanby, Flower Show."


"July 31st, at Kirbymoorside, Missionary meeting."


"October 20th, at Rosedale, Foundation Stone laying of a new chapel-large gathering."


"January 12th, 1864, at York, take chair at the Temperance Festival in the evening." We have not space to give the speech.


"February 13th, tremendous gale of wind-blew two wheat stacks over at Riseborough."


"February I8th, entertained the teachers and scholars of the Normanby Sunday school to tea; had a public meeting in the granary at Bridge House at night."


"February 26th, my two sons, Edward and Alfred, in gastric fever-sat up with them every night for a fortnight."


"June 2nd, at Malton, take Chair- discussing the  Permissive Bill'


"June 9th, Mr. Johnson came from Louth. I took the chair at Marton Missionary meeting, with Dr. Lees on the platform."


"July 20th, at Royal Agricultural Show, at Newcastle."


"July 22nd, at Yedingham Show, first prize for shorthorn heifer, first for black mare (Blossom) and foal, and first for yearling carting colt."


"August 1st, at' Thornton Dale, present Dr. Robertson with a testimonial" (This testimonial consisted of a beautiful gold watch and a solid silver tea service, value 150, subscribed by his many patients and friends, in recognition of his devoted attention and many valuable services rendered during his residence at Thornton)


"August 9th, at Kirbymoorside Agricultural Show, got first prize for hackney foal, first for yearling colt, second for cart mare and foal, and second for yearling heifer."


"August 19th, at Scarborough Show, first prize for yearling colt and second for mare and foal."


"September 7th, at Whitby Show, got first prize for mare and foal and yearling colt, and second for foal."


"October 14th, at Habton Missionary meeting and at Mr. Barker's, Manor House" (Many people will remember this very eminent local preacher).


"November 16th, take chair at Sinnington, Temperance Lecture by Mr. T. Hardy."


"November 30th, Judge at York Fat Stock Show." "


December 16th, Richard Home, lecture on Temperance at Marton, in the evening."


"February 15th, 1865, at Kirbymoorside, took chair at a meeting for promoting the Leeds and North Yorkshire Railway."


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