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"The present position and favourable condition of the club calls forth gratitude.  We ought to recognise the kind hand of an over-ruling Providence.  The manner your anniversary is celebrated is worthy of all praise.  The sermon at its commence­ment is very appropriate, and is calculated to throw an air of seriousness over its festivities, while it comports with those more serious reflections which the business of the day must to some extent produce.



“1st: The characteristics of the association.

“2nd: The noble object it contemplates.

“3rd: The legitimate means it employs for the carrying out of its object.


"It is characterised by fraternity and unity.  We recognize in all confederacies of this kind an important element of the great principle of 'universal brotherhood.'  It is based on the principles of true philanthropy.  It rises far above the sordid views of selfishness, merges all shades and hues of political opinions in the ennobling, lofty and heaven-born spirit of, love.  You contemplate not self interests and aggrandisement, but seek to furnish means for your families and friends to discharge their duty to you in the hour of affliction and death; and not only this, but you contribute to this fund also for the relief of those who may not be sharing with you the blessings of health.  True, the benefits are mutual; and here we perceive the result of unity of effort,-a principle without which nothing great and noble could be effected.  This is the basis of all those institutions which are recognised by every reflecting mind as the glory and bulwark of Britain,-institutions which contemplate the amelioration of the spiritual as well as temporal evils of mankind.  What has raised Britain to such an elevated position in the scale of nations but unity?  'A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.' What has made her the almoner of God's bounty, the instrument in His hand of disseminating His truth to all the nations of the earth, but unity of design and effort.  The great principle of unity which his given her civil and political pre-eminence in the nations of the earth has also given to her moral and religious supremacy in the world.


We have an example of what unity of effort can do in the vast accumulation of the world's talent as exhibited in yonder Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London.  Yesterday was the great day of inauguration,-the great event, the great day for London.


To-day is the great day for "Normanby".


It is true we are not met to examine the mightiest productions of art and science which the united effort of the world can congregate together.  Yet we recognise in the doings of this day an element of the great principle which the promoters of the 'World's Fair' are seeking to establish.  They tell us their object is to procure amicable feelings in nations, to propagate a spirit of peace and universal brotherhood .....


"That there should be inequality in our circumstances· and positions in society is what is necessary to the construction of society so as our present blessing may be procured.  The great Giver of good never intended that all should be on an equality.  There is not, nor cannot be, equality of talent, of ability, of views.  N one of the faculties of the mind can be pressed into one common mould.  There cannot be one mould for the understanding of all, one for the judgment of all, one for memory of all, for will of all, for conscience of all."


Joseph Smith's speech 1863


Marriage Prince of Wales to Princess Alexander of Denmark


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