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The villagers have gathered together for various functions throughout the history of the village.  Harvest thanksgiving is a big celebration.  The Church service was followed by a supper or picnic and sometimes a cricket match.  In 2005 the Harvest festival supper was attended by 51 people.


In the last century there was a village show first organised in 1854 by Joseph Smith the Wesleyan preacher, at this time he had left brother John at Bridge farm and leased Risebro Hall.  In 1851 a 'free gift anniversary' was held to coincide with the great exhibition in London.


The Prince Consort died on 14th December 1861.  There was probably a special service in the church and Chapel because the whole country was affected by the loss to the Queen.  On 10th March 1863 an event was held to celebrate the Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandria of Denmark.  23rd of June 1863 was a Normanby Sunday school feast and on the 30th July 1863 was the Normanby flower show.  In 1858 Joseph Smith entered the village show and took several prizes.


The Schoolroom was the venue for missionary meetings in the 19th century.  There were fund raising evenings and addresses on far flung places.  There was a special church service on the 8th of June 1902 to celebrate the restoration of peace in South Africa at the end of the Boer war.


Poster "Annual Exhibition" 1867


 "Joseph Smith" Horticultural Cup and Ladle

The Freeholder of Normanby

The Freeholders of Normanby Ladle


Further research in progress

The Parish Meeting dates back to Norman times but our parish minute book only starts at 1949.


Years ago there were a number of village and inter village games including tennis tournaments, cricket matches and garden fetes.  Cricket from 1937 to 1965 used to be played in a field at the end of the lane near the Dickinson's house and earlier in a field opposite Lane End on the way to Great Barugh.  A match was a pleasant summer evening entertainment.  Cricket records span from 1928 to 1965 when matches ceased due to lack of young players.  Not all the villagers were cricketers.  Robert Foxton used to say of John Wood that if he could use a bat as well as a slasher he would have been a fine cricketer!


The Church Garden Party is also a regular summer event.


There was even a women's cricket team with some very good players, one of which was associated with the Yorkshire and England team (Mavis Sharp). The late Mrs Mothersdale (nee Dobson) was the captain and had an engraved biscuit barrel to this effect. 



C.1895 Church outing leaving from Willow House

On 5th of July 1958 a garden fete was held at Normanby Hill by permission of Mrs Lockwood.  The entrance fee was 3d and 60 3d ice creams were ordered.  There were annual Sunday school trips to the seaside for many years.  Trips are mentioned in the 1960s and 1970s and other celebration events were held in the old School.  Every year for many decades a Christmas party has been held, recently funded by an autumn quiz night.  For coffee evenings the tradition was for members of the church council to bring a loaf and a bottle of milk.


There were village parties for coronations and in 1981 there was a village event held in Dickinson's field for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  In 2002 there was a special party at the Sun Inn for the Queen's Jubilee.  A marquee was provided (actually it was two garden gazebos joined together).  The heavens opened just before the event and there were some ominous pools of water in the tent fabric.


A Yorkshire quiz was organised by Desmond Blythe and a photo competition to identify residents as they were 50 years ago.  The party was partly funded by a Chinese Supper held at Normanby Hill by the Jackson family.  A recent tradition is the village barbecue first held in Dickinson's field next to the Sun Inn and later at other venues including South Hill cottage.



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